Friday, January 31, 2014

Offbeat: Early 2014

We're about to exit January 2014. This month we (privately) marked the one year anniversary of No Goddamn Dancing, which got me thinking about everything we've accomplished. That probably deserves it's own post...but I did recall a series of posts I started with the tag "Offbeat", and thought that right now is a perfect time to do another.

Seattle has an amazing arts scene, and many artists dabble across multiple media. It means we as an audience get to experience some pretty special and unique things! Here's a round-up of some of those things that are coming up in the next couple months.

EMP's Sound Off! 2014
Sound Off! is entering its 13th year as our region's best known Battle of the Bands. It's geared towards the all-ages scene; all participants are under the age of 21 and residents of the PNW. It's helped break several well-known local bands, including Kithkin, The Lonely Forest, Schoolyard Heroes, Brite Futures, and Tomten. We like that this event specifically gives attention to young artists, giving them the opportunity to win radio air play, recording time, gear, and of course to play the EMP's fabulous Sky Church (it supposedly has the best sound system in the Town!) Tickets are $12 GA, $8 with student ID. Here's the upcoming shows list:

Semifinals #1: Saturday, February 8
Dames, Laser Fox, Sophia Duccini, Tommy Cassidy

Semifinals #2: Saturday, February 15
Manatee Commune, Nabii Ko$mo, The Onlies, Thee Samedi

Semifinals #3: Saturday, February 22
Calico the Band, Fauna Shade, KSneak, Otieno Terry

Finals: Saturday, March 1

City Arts' Genre Bender
When: February 15 and 16
Where: Cornish Playhouse at the Seattle Center

$20 advance, $30 door
Much like Fremont Abbey's The Round series, Genre Bender melds multiple mediums in one promising show. Unlike The Round's approach, which is to display multiple mediums in separate but equal parts all in one night (music, poetry, painting), Genre Bender takes five sets of artists and asks them to produce a collaborative, multidisciplinary work. The pairs include a performer and a fashion designer; musicians with radically different approaches; a singer/songwriter meets a dancer/choreographer; a drummer and an electronic musician; and a choreographer and a filmmaker. I love pushing boundaries and this event is sure to expand your ideas about art!

Sync Music Video Festival
When: February 28, 7pm
Where: SIFF Cinema Uptown
$15; $10 for SIFF members
A music video festival presented by the amazing film-wonders at SIFF, Artist Home (the producers of Doe Bay Fest, Timber! Music Festival, etc.), and the Seattle Weekly. This event will feature works from four well-respected directors, a mix-tape showcasing other talented directors, and songs by great local bands like Tennis Pro and Cumulus. Proceeds go to fund the next film project of the night's "Best Director".

A few other notables that I have to mention:
Moisture Festival 2014 (comedy/variete/vaudeville) is scheduled for March 20 thru April 13 at Hale's Ales' Palladium, the Broadway Performance Hall, and a special April Fool's night at Teatro Zinzanni. Their volunteer orientation is 2/17, which I highly recommend doing (catch the show for free, meet the artists backstage? It's awesome!) We wrote about Moisture Festival last year -- you can read that post here.

Sasquatch! Festival Launch Party -- get free tickets from the Neptune this Saturday, February 1st for FREE entry to the launch party at the Neptune on Monday, February 3rd. Last year was the first one and it was a lot of fun, plus there was a surprise performer. Free concert, surprises, and getting to be among the first people to know the lineup for this year's festival? Neat!

Bumbershoot Launch Parties -- Bumbershoot got on the launch party bandwagon, too. This year they'll have TWO - one in April to announce their theatre/Words & Ideas/visual arts/spectacle programming; and one in May to announce their music lineup. Sure to be a good time, more info is yet to come.

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